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The Insect Light Trap, offered by the company, are made using the best grade raw materials and are studded with features. The company offers the best Insect Light Trap at the market leading prices. Solar Chargeable Insects Light Trap is an Eco-friendly Pest Management device for Agriculture, Horticulture and Plantation crops. Farmers encounter the problems of various types of insect pests that harm crops and result in loss of productivity each year. Therefore, it is necessary for farmers to use pesticides to prevent crop damage. However, when pesticides are used in large quantity, they cause adverse impacts on people, animals and the environment. Instead of using pesticides, the government has to support other ways to prevent insect pests, including the use of biological agents and some insects etc. A previous study has shown that the ultraviolet light of light emitting diode tube could be used to lure “Coconut Hispine Beetle”(Plesispa reichei Chapuis), a damaging pest of coconut and a range of palm species. This study aimed to develop Solar Energy-Based Insect Pests Trap by using ultraviolet light emitting diode tube to lure the insect pests and 12 volt battery as power supply to light emitting diode tube. The battery charging system derives electrical energy from 20 watts of solar cell for use at night. This proposed Solar Energy-Based Insect Pests Trap has an automatic control system to lure insect pests when there is no sunlight and the system will be stop when the sun shines. The results of the system installation test showed that this proposed Solar Energy-Based Insect Pests Trap could lure several types of insect pests in vegetable and coconut plantations including Brotispa, Elephus beetles, and Aphis, etc. Garden Solar mosquito killer lamp DYT-31

The product has two independent functions.

  • 1. LED light for the lighting.
  • 2. blue LED can attract mosquitoes, flies, moths and other pests and 800V high voltage will kill its immediately when pests touch the voltage.
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