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Rooftop solar power plant, even said rooftop solar system, is a photovoltaic plant that has its pv panels installed on the roof of a building. The urban environment provides a large amount of empty rooftop spaces and can inherently avoid the potential land use and environmental concerns.

The maximum dimension of a rooftop solar system depends on the area of the roof, so rooftop solar systems are usually small compared to ground-mounted photovoltaic power stations. Rooftop solar systems on residential buildings typically feature a capacity of about 5 to 20 kilowatts (kWp); but on commercial or industrial buildings can reach up to 1-2 Megawatts = 1000-2000 kWp (or more in rare cases of very big industries).

With its environmental benefits, Clean, reliable, affordable electricity can be generated. The sufficient sunshine across the nation make solar an attractive option for Individuals and businesses. Rooftop solar is increasingly cost-effective for home owners, business owners, and their communities.

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Grid-tied solar electric systems generate electricity for your home or business and route the excess power into the electric utility grid for compensation from the utility company.

Due to Net-Metering Policy of Indian government, ON-GRID solar system has taken the boost in the market. Here you can use solar electricity generated on your rooftop while using traditional grid electricity in parallel. So that you can divert the extra generated electricity to government and use later when required.This reduces the cost of batteries and maintenance for them.

Four Points Solar stocks all the components and we assemble complete gridtie solar packages, so that we can offer them to you at rock-bottom prices.We also design and assemble ANY size system with appropriate panels or inverters.Some are designed around central inverters; others are designed with newer technology aimed at increasing overall efficiencies.

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Grid-Tied systems work efficiently and can reduce your electricity bill to zero but in areas where the electrical fluctuations are more and reliability of grid electricity is less in this case we propose “HYBRID” mode of solar system. Here system uses the solar electricity first and if grid electricity is turned off it switches ON the electricity stored in batteries. So in case of whole power cut you can continue working in your office or home without any disturbance.

Grid-assisted systems are ideal for who want to have the independence of off-grid power with the convenience of backing-up with grid-power when necessary.Four Points Solar's Grid-Assist Solar Power Systems are designed around pre-wired American made Inverter Power Centers and reliable battery banks.

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